Holzprof Bio


Holzprof BIO is preparation for intensive protection of wood against rotting, mould, turning blue and timber-worms in exploitation with direct contact with human and domestic animals inside or on open air in especially tough conditions of humidification, with long-term influence of atmospheric or soil moisture, in contact with firm ground, organic wastes, including in conditions of tropical or tropical wet climate independently or as a bio-protection of the grounding for varnish.

Holzprof BIO is used for processing new and previously processed with antiseptic wooden residential and common-utility premises, saunas, garden and outdoor furniture, greenhouses, cellars, cattle-pans, flooring of firm grounds, logs, frames, lathings, lower and upper rims, fences, berths and other sawed, shaved, timbered elements of constructions in contact with human or domestic animals, and affected by active bio-destruction.Holzprof BIO is not applied on surfaces that were previously covered with drying oil, paint, varnish or other film-forming or water-repellent materials.

The main advantages
  • Hard to elutriate : chemically combines with wood
  • Protects from rotting, mould, turning blue, timber-worms and other biological decomposition
  • Stops already started bio-destruction
  • Forms in wood three levels of bio-protection increasing wear resistance
  • Does not decrease durability, bondability and coloration of the wood
  • Preserves the texture, does not prevent the ventilation of the wood
  • Ecologically safe, non toxic, non carcinogenic
  • Fire-and explosion-proof material.